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How It All Happened.


Life Church, Midlothian TX

Life Church, Midlothian TX

Some of you may not know all the details of Life Church’s history and in the short time our search for property.  We felt that as we continued to grow it was imperative that we would purchase property and establish our roots deep into our community.  We have always tried our best to be an integral part of our community.  We look for ways and opportunities that we can serve our community.  No strings attached, it’s just the kind of thing we believe Jesus would want us to do.

Starting January 1, 2009 we asked the church to join us on a 30-Day Fast as we prayed and sought God for a year of Miracles.  We believed that one of those miracles would be a place for Life Church to call home!  As we continued through our month of prayer, we began discussions with a Commercial Real Estate Group who we had asked to represent us in presenting a Letter Of Intent (LOI) on a commercial lease opportunity in Midlothian.  As the end of the month approached we finalized our thoughts on what we would like to present to the lessor.  And on Friday, January 30th, we gave the approval to present our LOI to the lessor.  That concluded our 30-Day Fasting period.

On Sunday, February 1st, as I stood in the pulpit to inform our congregation about our progress moving forward on looking for a home and about the potential that the LOI held, I asked our church to join me in prayer.  I told Life Church that “I did not want to presume that I knew God’s will and that this was our only option, neither did I want to miss an opportunity that God may be giving us.  So let’s pray that whatever door God opens, we will be faithful to walk through it.” 

That afternoon returning from a trip to Dallas, my phone rings and my District Superintendent is on the other line and informs me that we have the opportunity to merge with a congregation that has a building in Midlothian if we would like to do so.

In the weeks that followed we have been working out the details to this merger and blessing that God has given us.  In this transition we found ourselves blessed with the opportunity to have a building that would house both of our congregations.  I believe with the recent commercial development in this corridor including Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Chase Bank, and many others, will give us a prime location and visibility for quite some time.


A Course on Miracles: Waiting 301

Waiting 301

A Course on Miracles: Waiting 301

I went to see a doctor the other day and it took two hours and forty-five minutes! It wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to spend my day. The first thing the doctor said   when he came into the exam room was, “I’m sorry to keep you waiting.” This little part of me was thinking, “Have you never been to see the doctor, Doctor? Are you actually surprised that I had to wait? I’ve never not had to wait unbelievable amounts of time. Thanks for the apology, but it seems a little too little too late.” Someone needs to do a study and find out how much time Americans spend in doctor’s waiting rooms each year.

Then I went to the pharmacy! Let me just say one thing. We put a man on the moon. It just seems to me that there has to be a way to have your prescription ready for you when you leave! How long does it take to put pills in a bottle?

I hate waiting. I don’t like waiting for food when I’m hungry. I don’t like waiting in traffic. I don’t like waiting in the store. I don’t like waiting for the light to change. I don’t like waiting for green eggs and ham. I don’t like waiting Sam I Am.

I hate waiting, but here’s the deal. If you want to experience a miracle you can’t just seek and believe. You’ve got to be willing to wait. Most of us love quick and easy miracles, but there is usually a season of waiting before a miracle happens.  Unfortunately, most miracles are forfeited because we give up too soon. Learning how to wait is as important as learning how to seek and how to believe. Read the rest of this entry