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Growing up as a Missionary Kid you have to have a default setting that says you’ll eat or drink anything put in front of you.  

Drinking coffee is one of those things.  I have had good cups of coffee and bad ones as I have traveled the world.  I have visited coffee shops in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and China.

It started out as a father-son Right of Passage to me.  When I was about 12 years old I remember starting to drink “cafe con leche” at a little sidewalk cafe with my dad in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  From there it became almost a weekly appointment with my dad.  We would walk down a few blocks or we would take the train downtown to one of our favorite coffee shops, we would sit there and talk about “guy stuff”.  You know what “guy stuff” is … soccer, school, vacation trips, church … and soon our conversations changed to a man’s responsibilities and how a man should act.  

Thanks dad for taking the time to invest in your son.  And to you I’ll toast my next cup of coffee and pass your words of wisdom on to my sons.