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Back 2 School Bash Reflections

It’s been nearly 48 hours since that 2PM start time for the Midlothian Back 2 School Bash and I’m still all giddy like a kid in a candy store with a $100 bill. We wanted to share a message of Hope, Help and God’s Love to our community – and I think they heard it … loud and clear. We were able to connect with over 2,000 people who attended the Back 2 School Bash! Here are some of my reflections from the day:

RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY! That’s not what most people in Texas were hoping for, but when I woke up Saturday morning and it was raining I had flashbacks of last year’s Mud Fest and that was the very one thing I had hoped not to repeat. Let’s just say God had an earful from me that morning, I prayed for the rain to stop over Midlothian and the more I prayed, the more the drizzle continued. It rained incessantly right up to our 2PM start time and within 10 minutes the ground was completely dry, the crowd came out, the cloud cover stayed over us all day, a nice north breeze was blowing and it never got above 84*. I think the whole time I was fretting, God was smiling saying, “Jason, I got this. Trust me.”  What a beautiful day we had in Midlothian for the Back 2 School Bash, I think God just wanted to show off for us!

VOLUNTEER REVOLUTION! One of my favorite things to see at our events are our volunteers. They were there in shifts from 8am until midnight – many there the entire time. There is absolutely no way we could have had the success we had without the hundreds of volunteers that gave their most expensive asset … their time. It humbled me to see families volunteering together, teenagers serving, kids helping kids. Everywhere I looked a sea of Panther Blue Volunteer Shirts represented people that smiled and helped and loved people. Our coordinating team was fabulous and you guys made me the proudest pastor in the world!

COMMUNITY SUPPORT! What made the Back 2 School Bash impressive to our guests who attended was the community support.  Our goal was to provide an avenue for our community to donate school supplies to Manna House who  will do the distribution. Sissy Franklin and her team from Manna House were thrilled at the truck loads of school supplies and cash donations given to make this the best start to a school year ever. It was spectacular to see Midlothian’s Top Hair Stylists all working side by side for six hours cutting children’s hair. Hope Clinic came our with 500 immunizations and with the volunteer support of nurses from all over Ellis County their helped provide immunizations for kids going back to school. The Back 2 School Bash was successful because of our community support!

CORPORATE DONORS! When large national corporations and local business owners heard what we were doing, they couldn’t let an opportunity like this go by without investing. Thousands of dollars were given by businesses and thousands more were represented in the prizes and give-a-ways. We value our corporate donors and than you from the bottom of our hearts for investing in peoples lives!

CITY OF MIDLOTHIAN & MIDLOTHIAN ISD! What a fantastic city we live and what a great school district we have.  We appreciate the open door MISD gave us for the use of the parking lot and field at the Midlothian Multi-Use Stadium. And we thank Mayor Boyce Whatley for his support both prior to and out at the Back 2 School Bash. The Parks & Recreation Department and Jim Berman ended a great day with their Movie in the Park. Thank you guys for your investment in Midlothian!

100 HOURS OF PRAYER! God had a huge part in this. In February God birthed the idea to provide help to students going back to school and God continued to open doors as we dreamed and walked in faith. The last 7 days prior to the Back 2 School Bash we challenged our church to invest 100 hours of prayer on top of the hours of prayer that had lead up to this event. We give  God the glory for the success the Back 2 School Bash was and the lives that were impacted.




I Mean Seriously FUN!

Are really ready to have some fun? Check out PICS of all the fun stuff coming so that you and your kids can have a great time on Saturday, August 13th at the Midlothian Multi-Use Stadium starting at 2PM and going until the City of Midlothian Parks Department Movie in the Park!  By the way … it’s all FREE!

BIG TEX WATER SLIDE with 150 feet of wet sliding distance!






EURO BUNGEE JUMP strapped in to this bungee trampoline you will jump 2-stories high!









POWER MOUNTAIN a 24 foot tall Rock Climbing wall!










INDIANA JONES navigate through two levels of obstacles in this 2-story obstacle course!






DRY GULCH get harnessed in to ride a Zip Line!








BOOTCAMP so everything else is easy, hu? Not this, race against your friends on this military themed obstacle course!





BATTING CAGE come see how good you really are in this inflatable batting cage!







NOAH’S ARK designed for some of our smaller kids and toddlers, this obstacle course will leave them laughing!








TREEHOUSE our little friends will jump and jump in this bounce house!








We want to help you and your kids have the best Back 2 School ever – so we have some of Midlothian’s Best Hair Stylists coming out to give free haircuts and Hope Clinic coming to give immunizations.  Please provide two copies of your child’s shot record.

Help MANNA HOUSE by bringing School Supply Donations, Non-Perishable Food Items and Cash Donations to help provide school supplies for students in the Midlothian area. All donations will enter you into drawings to win one of 12 amazing Prize Packages!

Come out and enjoy the Life Church Back 2 School Bash, we want to see you!




For months our staff and event planning team has been praying for our Back 2 School Bash – but we don’t want to stop there – will you join us in logging in 100+ hours of prayer this week?  If you are logging in an hour of prayer this week, please email us at so we can stay in touch.

Imagine the prayers that will be prayed this week? Can you imagine the throne room of God filled with over 100 hours of concentrated prayer – not about our needs, but about life transformation that will occur Saturday at the Back 2 School Bash. You can help us by praying for 1 hour this week!
Maybe you’re thinking, what do I pray about for an entire hour? Here is a list to help you start with:

  • Great weather
  • Timely set up with all of our vendors and deliveries to arrive in time
  • Volunteers full of excitment serving in love
  • Volunteers needed for licensed positions: stylists and nurses
  • Funding through corporate donations and personal giving to meet goal
  • Cooperation with key role players outside of Life Church
  • Marketing and event awarness to spread rapidly – the word to get out
  • Safety of our guests
  • School supplies to be donated in a grand proportion
  • Great connections and open doors to share God’s love with our guests

The Church Auditorium will be open from 9AM-4PM each day this week. We will have some of your favorite music to pray to playing as well as some prayer guides. You can pray at church, you can pray at home, you can walk the field at the Midlothian Multi-Purpose Stadium. You choose your hour and your location to pray!

Prayer is not weak. Prayer is not anemic. Prayer is powerful. It’s a nuclear weapon that disarms the enemy’s attack. Prayer acknolwdeges God’s control over nature, over circumstances and over people’s hearts.

If you are logging in an hour of prayer this week, please email us at and let us know. We would like to keep a log of our prayer warriors this week and stay in touch with you!




Open Letter to Midlothian

For the past three years Life Church has sponsored FREEDOM CELEBRATION, a family-friendly activity leading up to the Amazing firework display provided by Citizens National Bank on July 3rd each year.  From our first year with just an inflatable slide and bounce house, we witnessed the desire of Midlothian families to come together for a large scale attraction.  Each year our FREEDOM CELEBRATION grew and attracted a greater crowd. It has provided to be a great festive time in our community as we celebrate our nations freedom. It wouldn’t have been possible without the strategic partnership of our vendors, the Midlothian School District, the Midlothian Police Department, the hundreds of volunteers from Life Church, and of course CNB’s firework show.

Maybe you are asking, where is Life Church this July 3rd? And where are all the great attractions, competitions and events? I’m glad you asked. Each year we spend time praying and seeking God’s will on the best investment of our time and resources. After weeks of prayer it seemed the more people on our staff and leadership team that we talked to, the more we were in agreement about a change to this summer’s event. After much prayer and planning, we want you to invite you and your family to join Life Church for the biggest end-of-summer blow out ever at our Back 2 School Bash!

After speaking with Dr Stewart, MISD Superintendent, and gaining the support of Boyce Whatley, Midlothian Mayor – we are moving full steam ahead. On Saturday, August 13th we are planning a 6 hour long Back 2 School Bash at the Midlothian Panther Football Stadium.  Check out everything that is going to be happening:

  • Largest Inflatable Water Slide in Texas with 150ft of sliding distance
  • 2 Story Obstacle Course
  • 2 Euro Bungees
  • 24ft Rock Climbing Wall
  • 30 ft Dry Slide
  • 2 Obstacle Courses
  • Bounce Houses
  • Batting Cage
  • Games & Competitions
We’ve also been granted permission from the Texas Rangers to host a city-wide tailgate party and view the Rangers game that afternoon in a public viewing.  Does that sound like fun yet? Allow me to let you in on one more secret that really has all of us pretty excited – we are also teaming up to provide free hair cuts, immunizations, health screenings so that all of our kids are ready to get back to school.
Here is the deal, we are working hard to make this the best back to school year ever so we are asking for your support in gathering school supplies and bringing them with you on August 13th.  We will have large collection bins for the school supplies.  All of the school supplies that you bring to the Back 2 School Bash will be given to Manna House, our local food and service organization to distribute to students in need of school supplies. You’re going to hear a lot more about the Back 2 School Bash and you may even want to volunteer to help with your time or support this event financially.  For more information email us at
Praying for you to have a great summer!
Pastor Jason