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Growing People = 3 Services

As God continues to bless us and Life Church continues to grow, we are expanding our services to be able to reach more people.  Our vision has always been to grow people. As we concentrate on people, we notice that they begin growing in their relationship with God, their marriages become closer, their families are strengthened and they find their place to serve in ministry.  As we concentrate on loving people they become healthy. The byproduct of a healthy church full of growing people becomes a growing church.
Over the last several months our two services have both been near capacity, and our desire is to see other families begin growing and flourishing just like you have. In order to make that happen we are going to begin a third Sunday service.  Our new service times are 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30.
Our uniqueness in each service will continue to be our ability to be tightly connected with each other. To make the most of our intermission time to catch up with friends and meet new ones.  As the pastor of an amazing church, I love the fact that I can hug and shake hands with just about everybody each service! One thing we never want to loose is our desire to be tightly connected with our relationships and constantly open to making new friends.
As we move to Three Services, we want to challenge you to find a place to serve.  We can’t effectively serve others in three services without your involvement and commitment to service. From once a week to once a month – we need you! You can complete this quick form to sign up to volunteer!