For months our staff and event planning team has been praying for our Back 2 School Bash – but we don’t want to stop there – will you join us in logging in 100+ hours of prayer this week?  If you are logging in an hour of prayer this week, please email us at info@lifeunusual.com so we can stay in touch.

Imagine the prayers that will be prayed this week? Can you imagine the throne room of God filled with over 100 hours of concentrated prayer – not about our needs, but about life transformation that will occur Saturday at the Back 2 School Bash. You can help us by praying for 1 hour this week!
Maybe you’re thinking, what do I pray about for an entire hour? Here is a list to help you start with:

  • Great weather
  • Timely set up with all of our vendors and deliveries to arrive in time
  • Volunteers full of excitment serving in love
  • Volunteers needed for licensed positions: stylists and nurses
  • Funding through corporate donations and personal giving to meet goal
  • Cooperation with key role players outside of Life Church
  • Marketing and event awarness to spread rapidly – the word to get out
  • Safety of our guests
  • School supplies to be donated in a grand proportion
  • Great connections and open doors to share God’s love with our guests

The Church Auditorium will be open from 9AM-4PM each day this week. We will have some of your favorite music to pray to playing as well as some prayer guides. You can pray at church, you can pray at home, you can walk the field at the Midlothian Multi-Purpose Stadium. You choose your hour and your location to pray!

Prayer is not weak. Prayer is not anemic. Prayer is powerful. It’s a nuclear weapon that disarms the enemy’s attack. Prayer acknolwdeges God’s control over nature, over circumstances and over people’s hearts.

If you are logging in an hour of prayer this week, please email us at info@lifeunusual.com and let us know. We would like to keep a log of our prayer warriors this week and stay in touch with you!




About jasonexley

After growing up as a Missionary Kid in Argentina and other Latin American countries, my wife and I now live in Midlothian, TX, where we pastor a really exciting new church called Life Church.

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