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I Am The Bread

In John’s gospel we find seven occasions when Jesus says the phrase ‘I AM’ concerning himself. Over the next several weeks, we will look at these ‘I Am’ Sayings…

In John 6, verse 35 we have this wonderful statement: “I am the Bread of Life…” it seems a simple enough statement and yet to those listening this was shocking. Shocking because Jesus dared to utter the name of God (‘I AM’). Shocking because he applied it to himself. Shocking because he then adds to it by claiming to be ‘the bread of life.’

What did he mean by such statement? In the time of Christ ‘bread’ was fundamental and foundational to daily life. In every village the sound of the millstone grinding would have been heard. For there to be no sound of grinding meant there would be no bread and that would be a sign of disaster for them. Bread was foundational to daily life. Most of them only ever ate bread. Anything else was a luxury. So Christ claiming to be ‘the bread of life’ was saying that he was fundamental to daily life.

You know it is interesting that Christ was born in Bethlehem and the two parts of that name ‘Beth’ (house) and ‘lehem’ (bread) when put together means ‘House of Bread.’ Jesus ‘the bread of life’ was born in the ‘House of Bread.’ He was saying to these people that he was the sustenance of life and that he was all they needed for life. Physical hunger would return no matter how much bread they ate. Christ claimed that he alone could satisfy the hunger and the thirst of their lives. By speaking both hunger and thirst Christ was moving their minds and hearts from the temporal to the eternal and from the physical to the spiritual.


Summer to Remember at Life Church

Stay connected this summer!
We are obsessed with connecting people with people at Life Church and we’ve provided some of pretty fun and crazy activities to help you stay connected this summer! For more information you can email us at


Sunday, June 19

Whether you have a classic you’re working on, a hot rod you love to drive, a motorcycle you cruise on, or a man-truck. Bring your ride to Life Church and stay around after second service for our Family PicNic, games and awards!

ikea_SM    IKEA SHOPPING TRIP – Ladies Activity

    Saturday, June 25

    Meet at the church at 9am to carpool to Frisco to spend

the day at Ikea.


    GUYS SUNDAY DRIVE – Guys Activity
    Sunday, June 26

Jump in your car or motorcycle and join us for a leisurely

Sunday drive down to the Hill Country eat at a great place

and return on some back country roads.

cake_SM 2

    GIRLS DINNER EVENT – Ladies Activity
    Friday, July 15

Join other ladies for a Dinner Extravanganza. Several

restaurants to choose from. Call a friend and join us for

out Girls Night Out.


    DEEP SEA FISHING TRIP – Guys Activity
    Friday/Saturday, July 15,16

Gulf Coast fishing trip, we need your deposit quickly on

this to secure our charter boat.  Contact Sam at


    TEXAS RANGERS GAME – Family Activity
    Sunday, July 24

We have 100 tickets in the Lexus Club Terrace for the

game against Toronto. Tickets are $15 ea. It is Josh

Hamilton Jersey night and $1 Ice Cream for 13 yr and

under. Tickets for sale in the lobby.


    GUNS & BEEF – Guys Activity
    Saturday, July 30

Bring your gun and your own beef to grill out for a man

card carrying kind of day. Ranges set for hand gun and

rifle, plus hang around to grill out and make friends.

PLUS – all the fun stuff going on with Zone6.12, Fifty6, The Awakening and VITA. With all the exciting stuff going on, the summer will be gone before you know it. Mark you calendar today and join in all the fun!

Let’s get connected this summer!

Pastor Jason

The Power of a Good Example

WE COULD GO TO MANY PLACES IN THE BIBLE for an example of a godly father. One such is without a doubt, JOSHUA. At the age of 110, he called the leaders of Israel to Shechem for a farewell address. He charged them to obey the Lord by saying, “Choose you this day whom you will serve….”

He chose the perfect setting, because Shechem was alive with sacred memories, it was:

  • Abraham’s altar
  • Jacob’s well

He reinforced his appeal with the POWER of a GOOD EXAMPLE when he said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

There are lot of things we could say about Joshua, but I want to mention just two—two qualities that he possessed that all fathers would do well to learn and apply.

FIRST, he was the priest of his home. He acknowledged his responsibility for the spiritual life of his family. A priest cannot function, if he is first not in close contact with God. Someone once said, “a boy loves his mother, but will follow his father.” The greatest thing a dad can do is pass on his love for God to his children.

SECOND, he planned for the family. Being priest of the family is not enough. The Godly father must also have a plan for the spiritual life of his family.

Homework: Make a place for the spiritual growth of your family.

Father’s Day at Life Church

Father's Days is Bring Your Ride to Church Day and we want you to bring your Garage Toy with you to Life Church on Father's Day!

So here is the deal – whether you have a classic you're working on, a hot rod that gets you in trouble with speed limits, a motorcycle you love to cruise on, or a man-truck you love to take rock crawling and mudding – we want to see it!

Bring your ride to church with you on Father's Day and stick around after second service for our Family Pic-Nic.  We will have hot dogs and chips, games to play, and everyone gets to vote on their favorite vehicle.  

  • People's Choice – voted on everyone after service
  • Overall Best Paint Job – voted on by our judges
  • Loudest Engine – Motorcycle Division voted on by our judges
  • Best In Class – Motorcycle Division voted on by our judges
  • Best In Class – Automobile Division voted on by our judges


Looking forward to our conclusion of One Generation Away this Sunday as we focus on "Father's Who Lead." Don't miss this Sunday at Life Church at 9am and 11am.
PS – Texas Rangers Tickets go on sale this Sunday for $15 ea