An Easter Invitation

Voices of the Cross Easter SeriesRecently I was talking with someone from Life Church who was telling me about all the people that they have invited to join them in service at on Easter Sunday and how they were telling people to come ready for an Amazing Service! WOW!!! What a great invitation! It made me ask “self, who are you inviting?” Sometimes I can get lost in the details that I miss my own part in the process.

I know the staff at Life Church has been working and thinking about my message for weeks, creating a unique and atmosphere from start to finish. We have special live artist coming in to paint a portrait of Christ, amazing kid’s activities planned, some cool new stage lights to add to the dynamics of an engaging atmosphere in worship.  It could very well be the best Easter at Life Church ever! 

We all know people who need a fresh dose of the message of Easter. People who have given up on God. Who have given up on themselves and life. People who are frustrated or disenfranchised with church. People who haven’t been apart of  life giving Easter experience. We even know people who love checking new things out. I am going to invite people to join me at church this Easter, how about you?

Who are you going to invite?

When we invite people to Life Church something changes for us. We take ownership in a new way over our church. We become more spiritually in tune to others needs over our own. We Live out the great commission by exposing others to the message of Jesus.

Here is how we invite people at Life Church!

  1. Take time to Pray for the person before you invite them.
  2. Do an act of kindness for the family before you invite them.
  3. Ask them to come in a normal non manipulative or pushy way. (remember people are excited about what you are excited about. Its why they like you.)
  4. Don’t forget to get to church early to help them feel comfortable and find their way around.

Three Great Easter Services!

Our Easter Series “Voices of the Cross” comes to a climatic close on Easter Sunday as we listen to one more voice around the cross … what did they say … what does it mean? Don’t miss the conclusion of “Voices of the Cross”! This Easter we are planning Three Services at Life Church.  Consider which one of these services you want to invite someone to join you at:

  1. 7:00AM – SUNRISE SERVICE! Join us out on the hill for a Sunrise Service with a scene of the empty tomb and the cross in our background on the hill. This will be a special family-style hour-long service with worship, Easter Message and communion.  We will end with a pancake breakfast together.
  2. 9:00AM – Our normal kids programming begins with Sprouts, Zone6.12 and Fifty6 during this service.  With dynamic worship, Easter Message, Live painting of Christ and communion.  Come early and enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast buffet.
  3. 11:00AM – Our normal kids programming continues with Sprouts, Zone6.12 during this service.  With dynamic worship, Easter Message, Live painting of Christ and communion.  Come early and enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast buffet.

About jasonexley

After growing up as a Missionary Kid in Argentina and other Latin American countries, my wife and I now live in Midlothian, TX, where we pastor a really exciting new church called Life Church.

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