Generations – by Jason Exley

Judges 2:10 paints a picture that may be prophetic of the state of the church today: “After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation grew up, who knew neither the Lord nor what He had done for Israel.” These findings from Thom Ranier in his book The Bridger Generation, show the decline of evangelical Christianity among each successive generation. Here’s the percentage of born again believers in each generation:

* Builders (born 1927-1945) – 65% actively have a faith in God

* Boomers (born 1946-1964) – 35% actively have a faith in God

* Busters (born 1965-1976) – 16% actively have a faith in God

* Bridgers (born 1977-1994) – 4% actively have a faith in God

Here’s what strikes me about these numbers. If it’s true that many “Builders” and “Boomers” have a vibrant faith, then it’s imperative that the older generation look for ways to intentionally pass along their faith to “Busters” and “Bridgers.” Before passing on, make sure you pass it on by leaving a legacy.

The character of our children tomorrow depends on what we put in their hearts today. If we expect the younger generation to grow spiritually, those of us who are older must pass on what we possess.

We’re committed to how we can do a better job of connecting and equipping families by having a vision for the next 100 years whereby one generation tells the next which passes it on to the one not yet born.  Will you fall in love with God so much that you are an instrument to pass it on to the next generation?


About jasonexley

After growing up as a Missionary Kid in Argentina and other Latin American countries, my wife and I now live in Midlothian, TX, where we pastor a really exciting new church called Life Church.

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